What Services Do I Offer?


  • Technical Drawings with renderings
  • Creation of new products/concepts according to client or customers specifications

This includes research, concept generation (sketch's, sketch modelling), CAD, prototyping and job/batch production

  • Redesign of existing products
  • Computer Aided Design

I am fluent in various 2d and 3d packages and I am able to produce realistic looking renders as well technical drawings.



My toolbox: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Sketchbookpro, Solidworks, Rhino, Keyshots, Autocad, 2d design, Solidedge

Experienced with: 3D printers, Laser cutters, CNC machines, Lathes, Vacuum-formers, Casting, Standard workshop equipment


Please contact me directly for information on pricing.

Contact details can be found on the contact page